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Adventure Track

Experience the best of the best in Barbados! The Adventure Track offers the perfect combination of Barbados’ finest views above and below ground. Snorkel with the majestic turtles, enjoy a rugged Island Safari to the island’s best spots and everything in between! This track will definitely give you the excitement and adventure you expect from Barbados.


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Surfing Lessons

Why not take advantage of surf lessons in the premier surf destination in the Caribbean? Nhome is offering four lessons from one of the best surf schools on the island, Dread or Dead. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to brush up on your skills, this experience is definitely worth it.

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Sunrise Hike

Immerse yourself in the beauty of tranquil Barbados with a sunrise hike! Hosted by the Barbados National Trust, this experience introduces you to amazing spots on the island from the highest peak to the lowest valley, from our main town to the countryside. This hike will definitely give you a real taste of Barbados’ unique heritage.
Please note: This is a free experience. Associated costs are for transportation.

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Island Safari

Indulge in nonstop fun with Barbados’ best attraction! Hop on their comfortable 4x4 jeeps and get off the beaten track as you are exposed to the rugged side of Barbados. This experience is great for the true adventurer at heart.

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Sunset Turtle Dive

As one of the most beautiful experiences you could have on the islands, it would be a shame to miss out on this opportunity. Imagine snorkeling in the warm Caribbean Sea, observing beautiful coral reefs, colourful fish and majestic turtles as the sun sets. Can’t think of anything better? Neither can we!

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Beach Clean Up

To appeal to your philanthropic side this Track includes a beach clean up. Embrace the warm feeling of giving back to the community as you help maintain the beauty of the island and its lovely beaches.